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Doni 23-09-2018 12:41

This new sack is really cute and adorable! I'm going to use it inside my Flak Sack Coalition as a necessity bag and will use it separately like a hand held clutch. This arrived very fast, ordered it 9/10 and arrived today 9/13/18!

This is a fantastic product and a fantastic company!
Buy their big sacks and buy this mini sack! You will love them!

Marg 23-09-2018 12:41

I bought my Flak Sack II a while ago and have been taking it with me everywhere. I was thinking of getting a Flak Sack Sport for its water resistant feature. Then this little sack came along and I just jumped on it. It's very well made. High quality and functional to fit my wallet, phone, keys glasses and a S'well traveler bottle (16 oz). And there's still room left. The drawstring dust bag is very well made as well. Highly recommending this product!!

Aya Sato 23-09-2018 12:40

I just received mine today. It is very well made and a great size for an everyday carry bag. I thought I’d use it for an everyday carry but I can’t imagine having to lock and unlock to get things out every time. It is perfect for travel or a outdoor concert event. Very pleased.

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