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7 Colourful places on earth

15 Jan 2018
by Linda Canter

From wide tulip fields in the Netherlands to pink lakes in Senegal: the world possesses numerous colourful places. And we could use some colour, especially in the grey winter season. The seven following destinations possess bright and colourful spectacles.


Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South-Africa

Bo-Kaap is a colourful area in the city of Cape Town in South-Africa. This neighbourhood is home to brightly coloured houses which are guaranteed to elevate your mood instantly. The houses used to be white. The locals, however, painted the houses in bright colours in preparation of the Eid celebration. This resulted in colourful sceneries and curious tourists.
Pictures: https://goo.gl/YtfJCk


Burano, Venice

Approximately 35 minutes from Venice lies an island named Burano. This extremely photogenic town possess over many colourful houses. The facades of the houses (some located in water) are brightly coloured. From pink to yellow and from blue to red: Burano is a true spectacle of colour. Take a stroll along the water and keep your camera ready to get in action.

Pictures: https://goo.gl/TrwUrV


Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen is a world famous blue town in Morocco. The historical medina is a labyrinth of narrow hallways and beautiful sceneries of buildings, all painted in blue and white. Are you ready to wander through an ocean of a thousand shades of blue?

Pictures: https://goo.gl/LonvLW


Júzcar, Spain

Also relatively close is another gorgeous blue town. All houses are painted blue in the town of Júzcar in Spain. This was done in order to promote the movie Smurfs 3D. Therefore Júzcar is frequently called “smurf town”. The blue houses not only resulted in beautiful sceneries: this former sleepy town has been welcoming a stream of tourists, making the town not so sleepy anymore.

Pictures: https://goo.gl/Y3MYu9


Tulip fields, Netherlands

Also our own Holland deserves a spot in this list. Every year, spring turns the fields of North-Holland into a spectacle of colour. The tulip fields are filled with rows of gorgeous tulips in many different colours. This makes beautiful views from above or from a distance. You can go to the Keukenhof for example, but taking the car for a road trip through North-Holland will bring you plenty of beautiful pictures as well.

Pictures: https://goo.gl/zQ9Abn


Lac Retba, Senegal

Swimming in azure waters is a beautiful experience, but Lac Retba in Senegal surpasses everything. This because the lake is pink. Yes, really! The colour pink is caused by a high concentration of salt and by the presence of a certain bacteria. Nearly any life is possible in the water and hereby you will not feel any scary animals crawling around your feet. You, yourself, will float nice and easily in this water.

Pictures: https://goo.gl/WFqJ8z


Shibazakura Hill, Japan

Japan turns colourful when the cherry trees come to blossom, but also another plant colours the country during spring. The Shibazakura (pink moss) causes the Shibazakura Hill in Hitsujiyama Park to turn into a colourful scenery. The colourful carpet consists of hundreds and thousands of pink and purple flowers and is located at the foot of the mountain, causing beautiful contrasts.
Afbeeldingen: https://goo.gl/vmR2Cx

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