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By Linda Canter, 4 august 2020

It’s this easy to save money!

Everyone wants to save money. But how do you save money in an easy way, without having to give up your comfortable life? We will give you tips in this blog.

Make an analysis

In order to save money, you need to know what comes in and what goes out. It is best to make an analysis in a spreadsheet or a special notebook. Take a look at your bank statement (which can also be done in your banking app) and write down what you receive in wages, benefits and other income. You must also list what you spent on clothing, outings, groceries, insurance, gas, water and electricity, subscriptions and other things.

Decide how much you want to save per month

To save, you have to start saving. Sounds easy and actually it is. If you have a specific goal, let’s say to save 10 percent of your income? Then you shouldn’t be spending this money. Calculate how much monthly costs you have and how much money you have left for other things. You divide this over the days of the month.

Stick to your (shopping) budget

If you have calculated that you can spend 100 euros a week on groceries, then don't spend any more. Don’t forget to look at deals at the supermarkets. There is always a promotion somewhere where you can get a second bottle of detergent for free. At the end of the day, around 6 pm, food is also discounted in the supermarket. Often you will find products like yogurt, meat and bread with a 35% discount sticker on them.

Switch between insurance companies

It's nice and easy to just stick with your current health insurance, but it can really pay to switch to another company. For your health insurance, you can only do this in December. Through websites such as Independer you can easily compare whether you are cheaper off with another insurer. The same goes for car insurance, for example. This insurance you can change whenever you want to, if you did not sign a contract for a certain amount of time or when that time has lapsed.

Switch from energy supplier

The same goes for your energy supplier: switching can save tens to hundreds of euros each year. Energy suppliers want new customers all the time and therefore offer all kinds of nice welcome gifts. But the main reason for switching turns out to be - surprise, surprise - the price.

Review your subscriptions

A subscription to get flowers delivered, magazines, children's sports clubs, the gym you never go to, the library: how many subscriptions does a person need? Families quickly spend hundreds of euros a year on clubs and subscriptions. Take a closer look at them all: do you enjoy reading that magazine every month or do you still have many unread issues lying around? Do you still go to the gym faithfully or can you also exercise outside with friends? And how about that flower subscription: would it not be fun to cycle to the market and get your own flowers? That way you get some exercise too. We are not saying you should dump all subscriptions that make you and the kids happy, but looking critically at all expenses never hurt anyone.

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