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Make your own shampoo and deodorant

1 Aug 2019
by Linda Canter

Earlier we wrote about making your own cleaning agents (link!). More and more people are making their own care products too. Mostly because of the obvious reasons: it’s easy, cheap and better for the environment. These are the most popular recipes for products for your personal care, like deodorant and shampoo.

Why make your own care products?

Shampoo and deodorant are very easy to make yourself. It’s not only cheaper; they also contain fewer unhealthy additives. Most regular deodorants contain aluminium for example. And store-bought shampoos are so aggressive that they wash the protecting grease out of your hair completely. When you make your own care products, you also don’t throw away plastic bottle and you can avoid added perfumes. And that’s great for your sensitive skin.

Make your own deodorant

Deodorant without aluminium is gaining popularity. Why, you might ask? Some claim that the chemicals in deodorant, like aluminium, can have a bad influence on your health. They say it could cause breast cancer, although this is contradicted by studies. But anyway: why would you want to use deodorant with chemicals? Deodorant is very easy to make and you only need four ingredients. 

Recipe for homemade deodorant

Are you ready? Here it is, your quick and easy deodorant recipe. Mix four tablespoons of cornflour, four tablespoons of baking soda, four or five tablespoons of coconut oil and - if you want - a drop of essential oil for a nice scent. Melt the coconut oil before mixing. Put the mixture in a tin or can and leave it to cool down. It will become firm again when it cools. You can apply the deodorant with your finger tips.

No poo: the trend of using no shampoo

The no poo movement, derived from no shampoo, is quite popular. Did you know you really don’t have to use shampoo daily to rinse your hair? In fact, rinsing your hair once a week is more than enough. It will take some time to get used to it and your hair will be greasier than you are used to. But after a while it will become less greasy. Your hair will get used to your new routine and it will be more shiny and healthier without shampoo. Really!

Shampoo replacements

You can use all kinds of things to rinse your hair. One of the most routines is washing the hair with something that will remove the grease and rinse with and acidic product for more shine and softer hair. For instance, you can use the paste made of one tablespoon of baking soda and some water. The baking soda will degrease your hair, but be aware it can cause skin irritation. You must rinse your hair afterwards, for example with a mixture of one bottle of water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. It will rinse the last shampoo remains from your hair, and make it softer and shinier.


There are people who wash their hair with green tea. Or apple sauce. Eggs are commonly used, just like soap nuts. But they have to be imported from India or Nepal, so it’s questionable how durable this solution is. Most of all it’s an experiment: what works best for your hair? 


Source recipes: degroenemeisjes.nl, zaailingen.com, groenevrouw.nl

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