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What you need to know about New Year’s resolutions

1 Jan 2018
by Linda Canter

The champagne bottle barely has been uncorked or you already get questioned about your New Year’s resolutions. Probably you have not thought about these just yet! Resolutions are made up in a blink of an eye. Quitting smoking, eating healthier, more exercise, you might know them all. But, there are some things you need to know about New Year’s resolutions.


The history of New Year’s resolutions


Many resolutions are made up around New Years eve. But where does this tradition come from? The history traces back to Babylonia, 4000 years ago. The people of Babylonia promised the gods to return borrowed items back to their owners on new years day. It had nothing to do with personal goals. So, when you are being overwhelmed by the question of what your resolutions are, simply answer that you are about to return your brothers lawn mower, for instance. Just like in the old days.


Set realistic and concrete goals


It will be easier to hold your resolutions when you keep your goals realistic and concrete. Losing weight and doing more exercise are very popular resolutions, but are kind of vague. Set realistic goals, for example, “I want to lose five kilos before the summer” or “I go to the gym every Monday and Wednesday”. This way, your goals are more concrete, making them easier to pursue.


Not everything at once


Made an entire list with New Year’s resolutions by now? It is hard to go after them all at once. When you are going to quit smoking cigarettes in januari, eat less candy and exercise more, that almost takes over your life entirely. Those are some big changes and most people are bad with changing circumstances. You probably get into a bad mood as a result and slip back into old habits, making your resolutions disappear into the background. It is better to spread your resolutions over the entire year. Begin in January with the most important goal, and when this resolution is accomplished or entirely integrated into your lifestyle, continue by pursuing the next one.


It gets easier after three months


Try to stick with your resolutions for three month. You probably will be successful for the entire year if you are still on the right track after three months. So, when you experience difficulties after two months, do not give up and know it will get a whole lot easier after just one more month.


Sufficient sleep


In order to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, it is very important to get sufficient sleep. When you sleep too little, you probably will have too little willpower to hold on to something. Your body needs enough fuel to make it through the day. When you get insufficient sleep, then you will be tired frequently, which makes it hard to develop willpower. Perhaps getting sufficient sleep is one of your New Year’s resolutions, so you strike two birds with one stone.

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