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Various travel bags, suitcases and accessories for a carefree holiday or trip

Exclusive products from top brands such as Tortuga, LocTote, Kambukka and much more.

Various travel bags, suitcases and accessories for a carefree holiday or trip

At Novus Internet Shopping, we have an extensive collection of travel & outdoor products. We have suitcases, backpacks, laptop bags, and travel accessories, such as a handy drinking bottle, anti-skimming cardholders, and the sturdy AntiTheft Sack. Whether you are backpacking for weeks, enjoying a short vacation, or on a day trip, in our travel & outdoor shop, you can find all the necessities to start your adventure well prepared.

Travel comfortably with the best travel accessories

If you are going on a short holiday, Tortuga products are convenient. A suitcase is the best base for packing your things. But after flying, everything is tumbled upside down. The AntiTheft Sack from LocTote is a must for all travel & outdoor activities: this portable travel safe protects your valuables.

The most strong and comfortable backpacks in the world

Have you been searching for a sturdy, protective backpack? The backpacks from Tortuga and LocTote are made of the highest quality products. These ensure that you can store all your belongings, that they remain undamaged in the event of rain or when you slip, and you don't want to worry about pickpockets. The LocTote backpacks are made from a fabric that cannot be broken. You can attach it to a bench or fence with the lock, making it impossible for thieves to take the bag. Tortuga offers travel & outdoor bags resistant to all weather conditions, with innovative functions that make them easy to use. And one of the pockets is equipped with RFID Blocking, so that cards cannot be skimmed.

Insulated drinking bottles

A reusable water bottle costs less oil to produce, replaces all the plastic you would have used, reducing both your carbon footprint and the plastic load on landfills, oceans, streams, and other places where the plastic waste ends up. Our vacuum insulated stainless steel drinking bottles keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks warm hour after hour.

BBQ and Picnic products

Everything you need to make a BBQ or Picnic special can be found in our BBQ and Picnic category. Well, as far as Novus Internet Shopping has it in its range, of course. We focus on exclusive products that you cannot easily find elsewhere. So for a tablecloth and balloons, you really have to look elsewhere.